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Talent Pathway

Our purpose is to improve every young person by 1%, every session.

Designed for aspiring young talented athletes aged between 14-16. It is in-line with our mission to support world-class offers to ensure that you receive the best information, advice, guidance and resources to develop, professionally, as a young athlete.

Talent Pathway - Performance Support

Performance Development.

Through our elite-level support, knowledge and expertise, the talent pathway consists of a performance programme that is built around your individual development and sport.

1% Workshops.

Learning is a key part of your development. Understand the basics of high-performance and how to apply them to your practice.

Talent Pathway - Workshops

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Performance Sports.

Our world-class offer is driven by a range of performance sports under our ‘Academy of Sport’. All performance sports receive elite-level quality training, whilst additional sports science; nutrition, health, wellbeing, analytical, physical and lifestyle support for our student-athletes form our unrivalled performance programmes.