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World-class football performance programme designed specifically for aspiring football players aged 18 – 23.

Regular training sessions; Strength & Conditioning, GPS data, Nutrition supplementation, expert advice and guidance, elite fixtures against professional U23 teams. It is paramount that your development is a core focus, combined with the opportunity to get to your next level.

Abhinav Nath (India)

Patusn Tufan

“Having been at a Premier League club and an SPL club, it has been difficult making the transition to non-league football. There is less training at a lower intensity with fewer resources, but most importantly, no opportunities.

NXT LVL has completely changed that. I am still a part of an elite group of like-minded players where I have the support and feel like I am still developing, and on top of that, the opportunities are incredible”.

A2B Student Athletes

Student Athlete.

Support your aspirations with a full-time Higher Education degree programme, managed alongside your elite-level performance programme.


Our monthly subscription is accessible to all players alongside any club, work or external commitments.

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Performance Sports.

Our world-class offer is driven by a range of performance sports under our ‘Academy of Sport’. All performance sports receive elite-level quality training, whilst additional sports science; nutrition, health, wellbeing, analytical, physical and lifestyle support for our student-athletes form our unrivalled performance programmes.